Circa soy candles mini

Circa soy candles mini

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CIRCA Candles are lovingly made by the precious hands of our candlemakers in Sydney, Australia. Hand-poured, hand-polished and hand-packaged. Every single time.

Each Candle is made using natural soy wax, high quality fragrance oils and lead-free cotton wicks, resulting in a long lasting, beautiful fragrance and a clean, consistent and even burn performance.

Housed in a faceted glass vessel and finished with a protective lid, CIRCA celebrates a classic design that seamlessly fits into any home interior.

The faceting of the vessel plays up a contrast between clean lines and curved edges, that beautifully reflects sunlight during the day and the flicker of the flame during the evening.  

Available in two sizes, our large 350g Candle (ranging in 11 fragrances with up to 70 hours of burn time) and our mini 60g Candle (ranging in 6 fragrances with up to 20 hours of burn time).