Geske Warm and Cool Eye Energizer 6 in 1

Geske Warm and Cool Eye Energizer 6 in 1

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The most efficient all-in-one solution to reduce under-eye puffiness, fatigue, dry eyes, dark circles and fine lines.

The SmartAppGuided Warm & Cool Eye Energizer dramatically improves the absorption and efficacy of your favourite eye cream or serum. This is made possible through a perfect synergy between our proprietary SmartSonic Pulsation Technology with over 11,000 sonic pulsations per minute and our advanced Energizing Eye Cooling and Relaxing Eye Warming technologies.

The Relaxing Eye Warming Technology triggers a uniform heating of the surface to 45C / 113 F for 90 seconds. This increased temperature relaxes tired eyes, encourages blood flow, and accelerates the delivery of nutrients and oxygen.

You can also enjoy the High Efficiency Depuffing System: our proprietary Energizing Eye Cooling Technology gently cools the skin to 19C / 66 F. In just 15 seconds per eye your eyes are revitalised, your mind is refreshed and blood vessels are constricted, making dark circles less visible and reducing eye swelling and under-eye puffiness.

Our SmartSonic Pulsation Technology stimulates special acupoints under each eye through specially designed silicone massage patterns. This Youthful Glow Massage Technology relieves tension in the eye muscles and restores their elasticity, which is the main factor in the forming of early fine lines.